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Working with Brett Guido and Cheryl Kalous made the purchase of our new condo easy and less stressful. They were always there to answer any questions we had.

Paul & Carol T.


What a great team you have at Emery.   Brett is the best.  Efficient, timely and courteous.  So much faster than working with the big banks. 

I would recommend this gem to anyone.  Thank you again for all of your help.  

Jerry R.


I want to thank you for the “excellent service” provided to me in getting my recent car purchase moved from  Bank of America (BOA) to Emery.  As you know, I purchased a 2018 Lexus.  I had not planned to purchase a car.  The plan was to pay off my current car loan with Emery and search for a new car in December which I would have had financed through Emery as well.

Anyway, it was a holiday weekend and I knew Emery was closed, so I completed the loan application with Lexus being told the lien holder would be BOA.  A few days later, you contacted me and the rest is history.  I’m so happy to say my car loan is now with Emery and an added bonus is the balance transfer of (2) large balance accounts to my MasterCard with lower interest.

I simply love doing business with “my” credit union, Emery Federal Credit Union!!  Working with you Paula has truly been awesome!!  Although we mostly communicated via emails, your kindness,  professionalism, and promptness was very much displayed.  I’m very appreciative.

Lastly, I believe my checking account has been with Emery Federal Credit Union for close to or over 20 years.  I don’t carry a high balance in my checking or saving, but what little I have I always try to keep my checking account balanced and pay my bills on time.  Most of all it gives me peace of mind knowing I have a credit union who appreciates my business and that I can call on you when in need of service.

Ruth T.


I have been a member of Emery Federal Credit Union for about 10 years. Going through the mortgage process as a First Time Home Buyer reminded me why I am still a member. We bought a home in another state (over 1,000 miles away) and we were confident in Brett Guido and his team. They were very easy to work with and took the time to answer our questions

Jessica B.


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service I received during the refinance of our residence.  I know it could have been easier to put us on the back burner considering the amount we financed low compared to most.  It is people like you that make Emery the perfect place to do my banking.  I will continue to sing your praises at work and hopefully send business your way.

Sue B.


I just wanted to give a HUGE Thank you Brett and Andrew and Todd for making this happen. I never even thought this would be a possibility for me. From going to beater car to beater car I thought I’d never get a chance to have something reliable. I was driving my little 99 Honda waiting on the day it would die and then figure out what I was going to do. You didn’t get me into a car because you wanted to profit from me, you all worked together to get me into a reliable car because you want me to have a better car for me and my family. This is what helping people really is, and this is what Emery does and I am so honored to be a part of this. Not only am I proud to work for Emery because of the people I work with and the things we do, I’m proud that this is what we are able to do for people when we care. I love giving and helping people and this time I was on the other side to receive the gift. I am so grateful and cannot thank you all enough. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Rebeccah B Testimonail Photo

Rebeccah B.


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One of the best decisions I’ve made as a realtor is teaming up my clients with Brett and his team at Emery! Honest, Responsive & Reliable!

Keith Taylor

Realtor, Comey & Shepherd


From start to finish our experience with Emery Federal credit Union for our home loan was exceptional. Mr. Brett Guido was very attentive to our needs as home buyers. He presented  several different financing options and explained to us how each option would benefit us. Brett made sure that he met deadlines that we needed to close on our loan according to our time frame. This was our third home that we have purchased, but the first time we used Emery Federal Credit Union, and we’re glad we made that decision. We would recommend Emery Federal credit Union and Brett Guido to anyone looking to finance a new home or refinance their existing one.

Michael & Susan B.


When we decided we wanted to buy a home we knew exactly where we wanted to go to get pre-approved. We have built a trusted relationship with Emery Federal Credit Union over the years. You get a personalized experience with them anytime you go in to a branch. Our decision to get our home loan with Emery was a no brainer.

Our initial meeting was easy to set up with just a quick call to Brett. He came to the branch on our side of town. We sat down and we able to build yet another relationship within the credit union. Brett answered all the questions we had and ran through the numbers with us. He gave us details on the different loans available and helped us understand our options better.

Once we finally found the house we wanted to call home we called Brett to start the paperwork. We truly feel like this was a smooth process looking back on it. This was our first home purchasing experience so communication was key for us. I would say the biggest takeaway is it just be open and honest about everything up front. The communication was consistent from Brett and the others involved at the credit union to ensure the process was as smooth as possible. We were able to close on our home within the original time frame given.

The Emery Federal Credit Union team really made our first home buying experience great. We feel blessed to have these amazing people in our corner helping us achieve some major life goals. If you are considering purchasing a home trust us and stop into Emery Federal Credit Union today.

April & Ian


I just wanted to stop and tell you how wonderful Ms. Peggy is in customer service… she always makes me feel like a valued asset and so very willing to help with all my crazy needs.  I really do appreciate her in the day of automation and having to deal regularly with less professional people.  She is a delight and a reason I stay with Emery.

Kindra M

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