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From start to finish our experience with Emery Federal credit Union for our home loan was exceptional. Mr. Brett Guido was very attentive to our needs as home buyers. He presented  several different financing options and explained to us how each option would benefit us. Brett made sure that he met deadlines that we needed to close on our loan according to our time frame. This was our third home that we have purchased, but the first time we used Emery Federal Credit Union, and we’re glad we made that decision. We would recommend Emery Federal credit Union and Brett Guido to anyone looking to finance a new home or refinance their existing one.

Michael & Susan B.


When we decided we wanted to buy a home we knew exactly where we wanted to go to get pre-approved. We have built a trusted relationship with Emery Federal Credit Union over the years. You get a personalized experience with them anytime you go in to a branch. Our decision to get our home loan with Emery was a no brainer.

Our initial meeting was easy to set up with just a quick call to Brett. He came to the branch on our side of town. We sat down and we able to build yet another relationship within the credit union. Brett answered all the questions we had and ran through the numbers with us. He gave us details on the different loans available and helped us understand our options better.

Once we finally found the house we wanted to call home we called Brett to start the paperwork. We truly feel like this was a smooth process looking back on it. This was our first home purchasing experience so communication was key for us. I would say the biggest takeaway is it just be open and honest about everything up front. The communication was consistent from Brett and the others involved at the credit union to ensure the process was as smooth as possible. We were able to close on our home within the original time frame given.

The Emery Federal Credit Union team really made our first home buying experience great. We feel blessed to have these amazing people in our corner helping us achieve some major life goals. If you are considering purchasing a home trust us and stop into Emery Federal Credit Union today.

April & Ian


I just wanted to stop and tell you how wonderful Ms. Peggy is in customer service… she always makes me feel like a valued asset and so very willing to help with all my crazy needs.  I really do appreciate her in the day of automation and having to deal regularly with less professional people.  She is a delight and a reason I stay with Emery.

Kindra M


Several years ago I went through a divorce and ended up with nothing. I tried to call various banks to get help and no one would help me. My daughter was a member at Emery and she suggested I check them out. I did and they took a chance on me. They gave me a car loan and helped me rebuild my credit. I was able to get to my job and everyone at Emery continues to treat me with respect. The employees are always friendly and willing to help me out. I now have my checking account, car loan and a signature loan with Emery and I would never move them. Thank you Emery for giving me that chance several years ago.

Adam B.


About 8 years ago I was introduced to Emery FCU by my father in law. I had just started a new sales job and desperately needed a new car. I had spent about 2 years rebuilding my credit and financial history after some poor financial decisions in college. And every bank I talked to about a car loan simply looked at me as my credit score, could care less about me, my new job, and my need for the car. Then I was introduced to Sharon at Emery. Sharon sat down with me, took the time to listen to why I needed a car loan, looked into my current and future earning potential at my new job, and then took a chance on me that I was the right fit for a new credit union member. There was not a bank that looked past my credit score, Sharon looked at me. I know credit unions were different and have been a member every since, and my family is as well. I was so blown away by that experience that today I felt I needed to give back to the credit union, and I volunteer as a Supervisory Committee Board Member.

Sean H.


It is with great pleasure to let you know what an asset these ladies are to Emery Federal Credit Union. Paula was assigned to meet with my husband and myself at our closing. She was very professional and our experience with her was very nice. Paula was in no hurry to rush thru our meeting and her kindness did not go unnoticed. In addition, Stephanie has gone above and beyond preparing for our loan application and answering my calls with questions. We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Emery and it was due to the complete professionalism once we walked thru the door. On behalf of my husband and myself, we would like to thank Emery Federal Credit Union.

Steve & Melissa M.


I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” for considering our business loan application last year and giving me the ability to launch!

I was able to close out all of the financial information from 2016 and reconcile our February month-end in the last few days.  My business plan called for us to operate in the “red” from August 2016-EOM March 2017 before emerging from profitability and was hoping to begin “paying myself” by the 2nd quarter.

We operated in the red in August, September, and October.

To somewhat of a surprise we profited more than spent in November then did it again in December.  We enjoyed that so much that we did it again in January (I also started paying myself in January).  The in February, I loaded a fair amount of known expenses into our books to pay… and still eeked out a profit.  February was our best month- so March should be profitable too!

Counting me we are a staff of 5, including one with over 25 years experience in the industry.  We are also looking to hire 2 Miami University interns for the summer.

Not without our challenges, our books are strong and we are growing.

Thank you.  This would not have been possible without your vote of confidence and the Credit Union believing in us!

Thank you!

David D.


We purchased a new home in August of 2016 and worked with Emery as our mortgage lender and  Brett Guido as our loan officer.

Brett did an excellent job throughout the entire process. Our requirements were to close in 30 days.  This can be a challenge any time of year, even more so during the busy summer months.

Brett was determined to make this happen for us.  When our appraisal was ordered, there was a backlog and Brett was told there was no way the appraiser would be able to get to our appraisal done in time to close in the 30 day window.

Against the odds, Brett was able to orchestrate all the events necessary for us to close in time.  His availability at any time of day and working outside of normal hours to tie up loose ends, speaks volumes about his, and Emery’s commitment to customer service.

Jenny K.


I hope you both are doing well.  I thought it would be only fitting to reach out to both of you and say “thank you” for all you did on my behalf.  As you recall, I reside in Georgia and my brother Kelvin Lewis, highly recommended you all to me.  And with the type service you demonstrated to me, I can see why.

Initially I didn’t know how cumbersome it would be to join with me living in Georgia, and process required multiple calls, emails etc. but we got it done!  And you made it seem like a breeze.  Your customer service was phenomenal!  Even when I didn’t submit information correctly the first time, you showed great patience and professionalism.  To me that means a lot.  There are many Credit Unions between South Georgia and Cincinnati and I think I’ve joined the best one! I have a sister who will be calling you all soon and I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs your service.

Sandra and Stephanie thank you for helping me join and great family!

Leonard K.


We are writing to let you know how much we greatly appreciate all the dedication and hard work that your loan officer, Bob Zelina, has done for us.

He has gone above and beyond to help us through several hurdles to get everything that we needed in order to get our house refinanced. We feel that had we worked with any other lender they would have just ‘kicked us to the curb’. Bob came with steps to rectify the road blocks that we hit during the entire home refinance process.

We closed on our home refinance and were so happy after this long road to get to that point. We couldn’t have done any of this without Bob Zelina.

Again, we thank him and want you to know how much we appreciate all that he and Emery Credit Union has done for us!

Steve & Shelly B.

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