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Great Mortgage Loan Experience with Emery FCU!

I was having a new condo built…..   current home had not sold yet and builder required 15% down payment to continue work. I had already worked with my current bank/mortgage holder and another savings & loan for pre-approval. I contacted both for a ‘bridge loan’ for the down payment to be paid in full when current home sold. Neither could accommodate this need.

I was online reading thru emails one day, trying to figure out what to do, when I received an Emery FCU email that said ‘We also do Mortgage Loans….’.  I had no idea….  I thought credit unions only handled savings accounts, small personal loans, used car loans, etc.

I completed an online request for the bridge loan. I immediately received an email back from Sharon saying she could help. I couldn’t believe it. The entire transaction was handled online, stress-free. And paid in full with the sale of my current home within 30 days.

Thanks to Sharon and Emery I could continue building my new dream home!!

Next step was obtaining the mortgage for the new home….   I didn’t even bother with my bank or the savings & loan that had pre-approved me. I went straight to Emery and worked with Brett Guido. Brett was great!!  He guided me through every step, made sure I had a clear understanding of what was happening and all of the paperwork. Brett answered all my questions and made the process so easy and stress-free. He took care of everything. Again, everything was done online.

Thanks to Brett, I am now in my new dream home!!

I couldn’t be happier with the service and Emery team.  Thank you!

Lee V.

Pam S

My experience with working Emery in particular Brett Guido and Sharon Haney has been wonderful. The process for loan application in particular the use of the docusign application was smooth efficient and seamless. Brett and Sharon are very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!

Pam S

Jennifer D

We purchased a new home in August of 2016 and worked with Emery as our mortgage lender and Brett Guido as our loan officer. Brett did an excellent job throughout the entire process. Our requirements were to close in 30 days. This can be a challenge any time of year, even more so during the busy summer months. Brett was determined to make this happen for us. When our appraisal was ordered, there was a backlog and Brett was told there was no way the appraiser would be able to get to our appraisal done in time to close in the 30 day window. Against the odds, Brett was able to orchestrate all the events necessary for us to close in time. His availability at any time of day and working outside of normal hours to tie up loose ends, speaks volumes about his, and Emery’s commitment to customer service.

Jennifer D

Kyle H

When we began the process of buying a home, my wife and I had almost no idea where to start. We shopped several different mortgage lenders from friend’s suggestions and other recommendations. What they all seemed to have in common was a willingness to give us a loan, but a lack of desire to actually get to know us or our needs. My wife and I attended a very educational session at the Emery main office regarding home loans. It was great! We both learned a lot and felt like Emery actually cared about the success of all of their clients. Following the session, we spoke with Brett and got even more information tailored to our needs. After we found the house we wanted, we got everything started with Brett, and he took care of the rest. I would definitely use Emery again if we ever decide to sell or move.

Kyle H

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