Emery’s 85th Anniversary

Join us for Emery Federal Credit Union’s 85th Anniversary In 1939 Emery Federal Credit Union opened its doors to serve […]

Preparing Your Teen for a Credit Card

Updated: Sept. 7 2023   One thing we could all do with is a little more knowledge about credit and […]

How to Lower Electric Bill & Gas Bill?

A higher than expected natural gas bill is not the kind of surprise you enjoy getting in the mail. It’s […]

Refer a Friend to Emery!

Earning $25 now and $25 later is easy as 1-2-3! For every friend, family member, or colleague you refer to […]

Student Checking Promotion

Students, start your financial freedom at Emery As you get your first job or journey off to college, your financial […]

Why did my Check Deposit Fail?

Customers no longer need to go to the bank physically to deposit checks. Mobile check deposit features allow account holders […]

Information About Federal Taxes

Federal Income Taxes are a percentage of an individual’s or business’s income paid to the government and used to fund […]

A Checklist for Changing Your Name After Marriage

Updated Sept. 7 2023 After you’ve set your wedding date, you are of course excited to start a new life […]

Stock Market Basics

Investing remains one of the four cornerstones of a strong financial foundation. And, learning how to do it can be […]

Should I Get Preapproved before House Hunting?

Have you thought about buying a home soon? Get preapproved first before you start looking! What does preapproval mean? It […]

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage

No amount of wishful thinking will lower prices at the pump. Instead, focus on efforts that will make a difference—follow […]

What is Net Worth?

A lot of people think that net worth is a fancy way of saying how much money someone has, but […]


Everyone has secrets—personal data, passwords, private documents, etc—and people will spend lots of money to keep this information secret or […]

Romance & Dating Scams

They love me, they love me not. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from falling victim to some of the […]

Spring Cleaning is for Finances, Too

There’s nothing quite like airing out your home from a long winter, scrubbing it down to a sparkly shine, and […]

Wedding Planning in 2022

How to Save Money Wedding Planning in 2022 If you are planning a wedding this year, it could be challenging. […]

2023 Emery Student Scholarship

Deadline extended for Emery’s student scholarship applications! If you’re looking for something to help you fund your education, apply for our […]

$500 off Mortgage Closing Cost Special!

There’s never been a better time to buy your dream home! Let Emery help you buy or refinance your dream […]

2024 Emery FCU Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held on March 20, 2024 at 6pm. All members are welcome to attend. The board […]

2023 Emery FCU Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held on April 19, 2023 at 6pm. All members are welcome to attend. The board […]

2022 Emery FCU Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held virtually on March 23, 2022 at 6 pm via GoToMeeting. All members are welcome […]

Emery’s Rebuild Program: Building Your Credit Score

If you’ve had credit missteps in the past, we want to help. We’ve seen it before. You make a mistake […]

The Cost of a Mortgage

A mortgage is likely going to be one of the largest loans you’ll take out in your life. It’s essential […]

Creating a Household Budget

A practical, workable budget is one of the most crucial tools in your financial wellness arsenal. Starting Points Your budget […]

How To Use Envelope Budgeting

While traditional envelope budgeting may feel a little extreme, there are plenty of ways to make the philosophy behind it […]

Debit Cards | Banking

Debit cards are one of the most common forms of payment. In fact, according to Bankrate, 63% of people between […]

50/30/20 Rule

The 50/30/20 rule is a simple, practical rule of thumb for individuals who want a budget that’s easy and effective. […]

Talking to Your Partner About Money

When it comes to talking with a spouse or partner about money, many people shy away. It can be scary—but […]

3 Jar Allowance for Kids

The sooner you teach your children the basics about budgeting, the better, and the 3 jar money system is a […]

Tracking Your Joint Expenses

It’s hard enough keeping track of your own expenses. So you shouldn’t be surprised that managing money as a team […]

Savings Accounts

If you’re building an emergency fund, saving for a big purchase, or getting money together to invest, using an insured […]

Income and Expenses

Making and spending money is a part of everyday financial life. Managing your money successfully relies on figuring out your […]

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is knowing what finances are and how to spend, save, and manage money effectively. But it’s not a […]

Opening Your First Account

Opening an account at a bank or credit union is the first step toward owning your personal finances. Best of […]

Renting Rulebook

If you’re looking to rent, there are many things to consider beyond what’s explicitly in the lease. What’s in a […]

Working with a Landlord

You’ve got rights as a renter. Of course, your landlord has rights too. If all goes well during your tenancy, […]

The Rule of 72

Calculating compound interest is complicated. Luckily, there’s a simple shortcut that helps you estimate how a fixed interest rate will […]

Avoiding Inappropriate Investments

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. You’ll need to keep your eyes open and […]

Find a Place to Rent

For many, finding a place to rent in a tight rental market is daunting, but by preparing in advance, you’re […]

Scams Targeting Seniors

Scammers target seniors more aggressively than any other group. Recognizing the most common scams helps prevent your money and personal […]

Mobile Banking Explained

Mobile banking provides a convenient, safe way to access your funds when you’re unable to visit a branch. What is […]

Bank Scamming Methods & How to Avoid Them

Con artists cheat Americans out of billions of dollars every year. Recognizing red flags for potential scams can help protect […]

Early Withdrawals from Retirement

Whether you find yourself laid off from work, facing a medical emergency, or confronted with a situation that you’re financially […]

Online Safety Tips for Protecting Financial Information

While it’s likely that you access the internet nearly every single day, that doesn’t mean that you can let your […]

Is the Money in My Account Safe?

Keeping money safe is important to everyone. Thanks to the FDIC and NCUA, your financial institution is probably the safest […]

8 Tips to Reduce Your Food Bill

Buying food is essential, but if you’re not careful, it can also eat into your budget. We’ve all given into […]

Certificate of Deposit

If you’re willing to wait, a CD can be a great way to earn a high interest rate on the […]

What is Inflation?

Inflation measures how much prices rise over time. When prices rise, the value of a dollar falls and your purchasing […]

Finding Funds in an Emergency

If you find yourself facing an emergency that you’re financially under-prepared for, the prospect of what to do next may […]

The Upside of Frugality

Frugal living discussions often talk about pinching pennies or “stretching a dollar.” A penny saved is a penny earned, or […]

Mortgage Application

One of the most tedious parts of home buying is gathering the right documentation, but prepping beforehand makes it that […]

Money Market Accounts

There are many options for keeping your money safe and earning a little extra from interest. Like a savings account […]

Quality vs Cost

Whether you’re standing in front of a shelf at the grocery store, shopping online, or even walking around a car […]

How to Boost Your Local Economy

During a recession, there are plenty of things everyone can do to help boost the economy. Since most of the […]

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a tool that can help you find financial stability—but only as a last resort. Understanding Bankruptcy Congress created […]

College Budget Breakdown

Most people ask, “How much does college cost?”—that’s the first mistake. It’s not to say this question isn’t answerable, but […]

Best Practices for Using a Credit Card

5 Best Practices When Using a Credit Card By properly managing a credit card, you can earn rewards and build […]

Credit & FICO Scores: How to Get Good Credit

A credit score is a number that potential lenders will use to determine whether they should lend you money, how […]

Defining Interest: Types of Interest & How To Calculate

Interest plays a role in almost all aspects of personal finance, including savings, investing, credit, and loans. Interest is money […]

Check It Out

Still stashing money under beds, in ceiling tiles, or under floorboards? You may even use a safe to protect your […]

When You Can’t Afford Your Minimum Payments

It’s scary to find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford your monthly debt payments. Whether that’s due to […]

Getting a Car

When looking for a new car, you have three main options: buy used, buy new, or lease. There are pros […]

Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing can be beneficial if everything lines up in your favor. What can you get out of it? The list […]

What is a HELOC & How To Qualify

A HELOC is a line of credit that allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. How it […]

How to Manage Your Debt: Strategies & Tools

Even if you’re financially responsible, life’s unpredictable nature can sometimes catch you off guard, at times making it dangerously easy […]

What a Car Loan Costs

When shopping for a car, it’s usually best to start by shopping for a car loan. When you’re shopping for […]

Using Credit

It’s important to be aware of everything you’re agreeing to when using credit but, with careful planning, it can be […]

Attracting Employees

By knowing what you’re looking for in an employee and providing incentives to attract skilled candidates, you can create a […]

Health Benefits

Health insurance has changed dramatically in the last few years, which means you’ll have to consider various healthcare options. It’s […]

Keeping Your Employees

You’ve found an ambitious, hard-working group of employees to help make your business a success. Now your challenge is to […]

Funds to Build Your Business

Building a business costs money—usually more than you can generate from your operating revenues alone. Securing the funds you need […]

Documentation for SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a US-based institution which helps reduce risk to lenders, making it easier for small […]

Professional Help with Your Business

Although it’s tempting to try and run a business on your own, it’s usually a good idea to get professional […]

What is a Recession?

In the most broad terms, a recession is a period of multiple months where the economy declines. That means that […]

Property and Divorce

Good advice and a cool head can help you protect your financial security in a divorce. A divorce is almost […]

Leaving a Job with a 401k

When you leave a job with a 401(k), you’ll generally have four options for what to do with the money. […]

Moving Costs

Moving is a big undertaking, but planning a budget can help make it go as smoothly as possible. To start […]

Financial To-Dos for Newlyweds

Before the big day, sit down with your partner and talk finances. Some of these to-dos have a time limit—sometimes […]

Government Assistance

If you don’t make enough money to cover your basic expenses, there are safeguards in place to help you make […]

The Cost of Divorce

Though divorce rates in the United States have declined significantly in recent years, divorce is still a challenge many Americans […]

Job Benefits

There’s more to compensation than just getting paid. Chances are your salary will be your biggest concern when choosing a […]

When Times Get Tough

When emergencies and unexpected situations strike, it’s important to be prepared and make wise decisions. While tough times can vary, […]

Filling Out the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application for financial aid made up of scholarships and grants […]

Dealing with Illness

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your financial health. Serious sickness can strike both suddenly and unexpectedly. And its […]

How to Financially Prepare for a Baby

Are you adding a child to your family? Congratulations! Whether it be through birth or adoption, parenthood is a fulfilling […]

To-Dos for Leaving a Job

Whatever your reasons for leaving a job, there are things you need to consider as you transition out of your […]

Out of Work?

Losing a job unexpectedly can leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. There are a few important steps […]

How to Prevent Identity Theft

The best way to prevent identity theft is to stay informed, aware, and on top of your finances. By taking […]

Tax Brackets and Statuses

How much you owe in federal income taxes is determined by many factors, but your tax bracket and status will […]

Paying Taxes

Many major life changes, such as buying a new home, changing jobs, getting promoted, started a business, having a child, […]

Checking Out Charities

Many people associate giving with charity, and donating money to help those who are in need. You can also make […]

Tax Planning

You can legitimately reduce the tax you owe by planning ahead. Retirement Account Contributions By keeping an eye on the […]

Completing a Return

Filing a tax return is a matter of following the line-by-line instructions that come with your tax form. Each form […]

Selling Your Home

Whether you need some more space, are ready to downsize into something a bit more manageable, or are relocating to […]

Making a Down Payment

A lot goes into buying a home, but one of the biggest hurdles for many is saving enough for a […]

Meet Your 401(k)

Even if you’re just starting your first real job—actually, especially if you’re just starting your first real job—it’s time to […]

Divorce and Retirement Savings

Fairly dividing retirement savings between both partners in a divorce can make a huge difference in their future financial stability. […]

Critical Retirement Choices

The idea of retiring isn’t new. People who grew too old or too ill stopped working and stayed home long […]

How to Manage Your Investment Portfolio

As logical as it might seem to look for the perfect stock, bond, or mutual fund and make it your […]

Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can look intimidating and cryptic when you begin planning for retirement, but there are some foundational […]

Social Security Basics

Since its introduction in the wake of the Great Depression, Social Security has evolved from a safety net designed to […]

Disability Insurance

According to the Social Security Administration, there’s a 30% chance of a 20-year-old worker becoming disabled before he or she […]

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is not only often a legal requirement, it’s also absolutely vital to your financial health. The truth is […]

Insuring Your Home

Home Insurance is absolutely essential to protect what is likely your largest investment: your home. Buying a home is never […]

Renter’s Insurance

A renter’s insurance policy can help protect your personal property and yourself from liability for accidents that happen in your […]

Health Savings Accounts

With a health savings account (HSA), you can set aside pretax income to pay for current or future health care, […]

Health Insurance

One of your biggest financial risks is confronting unexpected expenses that you can’t afford, no matter how careful you are […]

Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t something people like to talk about. After all, planning the financial impact of your death isn’t an […]

Health Insurance Options

Health insurance can help you pay for the medical expenses you and your family might encounter. In general, most health […]

Teaching Children About Money

Whether to your own children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews or the child of a close friend, one of the […]

Getting Started in Writing a Will

Having a will to allocate your estate after you die is essential, so make sure it’s done formally and legally. […]

Working With A Mortgage Lender

Applying for a mortgage is a big endeavor. Most lenders require you to complete a mortgage application—a comprehensive financial statement. […]


Setting up a trust is a way to ensure that your assets are handled the way you want them to […]

Transitioning to Retirement

When you’re mapping out the best route to collecting retirement income, there’ll be several forks in the road. But you […]

To Buy or Not To Buy?

There are some compelling reasons to buy real estate, but it’s not a clear-cut situation for everyone. Investing is like […]

Estimating College Expenses & How to Budget

One of the many mysteries of college, especially freshman year, is what being there is actually going to cost. Sure, […]

Teaching Financial Literacy to Your Kids

Teaching your family to be financially literate is as simple as involving them in everyday financial decisions. It’s crucial for […]

Should I Buy GAP Insurance?

With car prices continuing to rise, many people have a concern about the value of their car. If this is […]

How to Repay Student Loans

Student loans account for a lot of personal debt and often seem too daunting to handle. Learn how to start […]

Emergency Fund: Why You Need One

An emergency fund is a financial safety net that everybody should have for life’s unforeseen challenges. One of the most […]

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You

Credit cards are useful tools but have their trade-offs. Learn more about how to handle them cautiously. Using a credit […]

Buying A Home

Start by defining your goals. Consider where you want to live, the features you’re looking for, what you can afford, […]

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