[SIMPLY MONEY PODCAST – 7min 19 sec]
Aired September 29, 2018 with Britt Scearce, Business Development Officer and Credit Expert at Emery Federal Credit Union.

Britt joins Nathan Bachrach and Amy Wagner of Simply Money Advisors as they weigh in on the new federal law that allows you to freeze and unfreeze your credit – and your children’s credit – at the three major credit bureaus without being charged. Before, it cost consumers in almost half the states $3 to $12 per bureau to freeze or unfreeze credit reports.

Britt, Nathan and Amy also talk about other credit questions clients frequently ask:

  • Now that you can freeze/unfreeze, do you have to keep checking your credit score?
  • Can carrying a balance on your credit cards improve your credit score?
  • If you marry a spouse with a good credit score, does your credit score change?
  • Why you should not ‘cut up’ all your credit cards