Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

Emery is posting Advance Child Tax Credit Payments as soon as the funds are received. For more information, visit the IRS website by clicking here.

Schedule of Fees

Checks - First FiftyFree
Checks - Ask for current prices
Stop Payment$28
Overdraft - when no line of credit is available - including ACH$28
Copy of Cancelled Check$5
Deposited Check Returned$28
Certified Check$6
Original CardNo Fee
Withdrawals - First 6 are free$1.25
Withdrawal - Insufficient funds$28
ATM Cash Back Limit (per day - higher limits available)$205
Re-issue of Lost, Stolen or Captured Card$6
Money Orders$2
Cashier's Checks to 3rd party$5
Account Transfer Fee (when initiated by CU)$2
Wire Transfers - Domestic- incoming (each)$10
- outgoing (each)$25
Wire Transfers - International - incoming (each)$10
- outgoing (each)$50
Foreign Deposit (Canadian with U.S. ABA)$5
All other Foreign Deposits $19
Auto Title and E-title Fee$25
Statement Copy$3
Tax Levy or Garnishment Against Account$30
Checks cashed for non-members (per check)$10
Early Holiday Fund Withdrawal$10
Check by phone fee$5
Below $5 minimum balance fee in Regular Share$5
Account Closing (within six months of opening)$5
Notary Service - Non-Member$2
Late Loan Payment charge$35
Closing of IRA - not transfer$15
Account Verification$10
Loan Rate Amendment fee$25
Account Dormant 2 years - fee per month$5
Loan Extension per month extended$5
Negative Account Balance Fee$5
Home Equity apllication fee$125
General loan application feeup to $75
Mortgage Rate Amendment Fee$150
Mortgage Subordination$150
Visa Gift Cards$3.95
Paper Statement Fee$2
New account inactivity fee - 6 months from opening$5
Returned mail fee$5