Schedule of Fees

Checks - First FiftyFree
Checks - Ask for current prices
Stop Payment$28
Overdraft - when no line of credit is available - including ACH$28
Copy of Cancelled Check$5
Deposited Check Returned$28
Certified Check$6
Original CardNo Fee
Withdrawals - First 6 are free$1.25
Withdrawal - Insufficient funds$28
ATM Cash Back Limit (per day - higher limits available)$205
Re-issue of Lost, Stolen or Captured Card$6
Money Orders$2
Cashier's Checks to 3rd party$5
Account Transfer Fee (when initiated by CU)$2
Wire Transfers - Domestic- incoming (each)$10
- outgoing (each)$25
Wire Transfers - International - incoming (each)$10
- outgoing (each)$50
Foreign Deposit (Canadian with U.S. ABA)$5
All other Foreign Deposits $19
Auto Title and E-title Fee$25
Statement Copy$3
Tax Levy or Garnishment Against Account$30
Checks cashed for non-members (per check)$10
Early Holiday Fund Withdrawal$10
Check by phone fee$5
Below $5 minimum balance fee in Regular Share$5
Account Closing (within six months of opening)$5
Notary Service - Non-Member$2
Late Loan Payment charge$35
Closing of IRA - not transfer$15
Account Verification$10
Loan Rate Amendment fee$25
Account Dormant 2 years - fee per month$5
Loan Extension per month extended$5
Negative Account Balance Fee$5
Home Equity apllication fee$125
General loan application feeup to $75
Mortgage Rate Amendment Fee$150
Mortgage Subordination$150
Visa Gift Cards$3.95
Paper Statement Fee$2
New account inactivity fee - 6 months from opening$5
Returned mail fee$5