Are you ready for the new year?

Emery has 10 weeks of deals to help you slide into 2020. Check back each week to see the next promotion revealed!

Another Place to Save_$25 for New Accounts

1:  Another Place to Save!

Apply online or at any of our three branch locations. When you open a new account, Emery will deposit $25!

All Emery savings accounts require $5 to be open. Available balance will be $20 if no $5 deposit is made.*


Bring Home a New Car_1.5 off an auto loan rate2: Bring Home a New Car!

Finance your auto loan with Emery and earn 1.5% off your qualified rate!

Apply online or in one of our three branch locations!

New money only. Loan subject to credit approval.*


Cash For Christmas_$50 when you refer a new member

3: Cash for Christmas!

Refer someone who becomes a member at Emery, and $50 will be deposited into your Emery account within one business day!

Make sure they mention that you sent them so you can get the credit! Plus, with this promotion, they’ll earn $25 for opening their account.*


Don't Pay Until 2020_90 Days to First Payment

4: Don’t Pay Until 2020!

Open a new loan, and push your first payment out up to 90 days!

Excludes credit cards and mortgages.*



Epic Rewards No Fee_No Fee Checking for One Year

​​5: Epic Rewards, No Fee!

Open a Secure or Rewards Secure checking account and Emery will cover the $3.95 fee for your first year!*



Find Us at Work_Scavenger Hunt for Prizes

6: Find Us at Work!

Take a picture with an Emery staff member at each our our three locations, post it on social media with #emery10weeks and win a prize!

Prizes include account deposits, gift cards or Emery swag!*


Grab 1% Off Loans_1% off Qualified Loan Rate

7: Grab 1% Off Loans!

Earn 1% off your qualified rate on a new loan!

Excludes mortgage, variable rate and auto loans. This cannot be combined with the ‘Holiday Bucks’ promotion.*


Hassle-Free Car Shopping_$200 Visa Card When You Buy a Car from Enterprise

8: Hassle-Free Car Shopping

Buy a car from Enterprise on 555 E. Galbraith Road in Cincinnati and receive a $200 Visa gift card when you finance with Emery!

Remember, you’ll earn 1.5% off your auto loan as well thanks to our Week 2 promotion!*



Invest Your Savings_Earn 2.10% for 12 months

9: Invest Your Savings!

Earn 2.10% APY for 12 months!

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. A penalty may apply for early withdrawal.*



Jump into 2020 with 0%_Transfer credit card balances for free and receive 0% APR for a limited time

10: Jump into 2020 with 0%!

Transfer your credit card balance for FREE and get 0% interest when you transfer balances to an Emery credit card!

Balance transfers made between December 30, 2019 and January 5, 2020 will have a promotional 0% APR for 6 months from the date of the balance transfer. After the promotional period ends, your rate will revert to the standard retail/purchase APR (7.24% – 17.99%), based on your creditworthiness.*

*Restrictions apply. Subject to credit approval. New money only. Offers end January 5, 2020.