Youths Up to 12 Years Old

Open savings accounts for your children, and they can learn how important saving is at the same time. Teach the basics of income, spending, and borrowing with a fun simulation that keeps students engaged and wanting to learn more through our online financial education Banzai Junior. Banzai Junior teaches young children to make and manage their own money, using lifelike scenarios — like paying unexpected expenses and saving for the future.

Additionally, with an Emery kids account you can also take advantage of these features:

  • Earn $10 gift cards when you save and deposit your money at Emery.*
  • Get a birthday gift each year from Emery.
  • Quarterly/semi-annual contest with a prize based on the contest.
  • Open a Kids Club Account with as little as $50 to start your savings habits right.
    • Keep adding to your club account to earn more dividends.

*The child will get a hole punched into his savers card for each deposit made. Once they reach $250 they will receive a $10 gift card. Restrictions apply.


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