Debit Card Questions

How do I activate my debit card?
Your debit card should have a sticker on it when it arrives in the mail. Simply call the number on that sticker to activate and set your PIN for your new debit card.
How do I reset my debit card PIN?
You can call 1-866-762-0558 to reset your PIN. Emery employees are unable to perform this service for you.
My debit card will expire soon. Do I need to order a new one? When will it come?
Let’s say your debit card has an expiration date in November of this year. You should be able to use your card until November 30 with no issues. You don’t need to call us to order a debit card – it will be ordered and sent to your address on file automatically within the month of your card’s expiration. Once you get your new card, activate it promptly and shred your old card.

If you don’t receive your card by the middle of the month, please give us a call. It’s possible your address isn’t updated in our system or the system made an error. We can help you get it sorted out before the end of the month so you can use your debit card with no interruptions.

Does my debit card have a limit?
To help protect you from identity theft, Emery places a limit for daily ATM withdrawal and point of sale (POS) purchases. Our standard limit is $205 per day for ATM withdrawal and $1,000 per day for POS purchases.

If you’re making a larger purchase or withdrawal, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to temporarily raise your limit once we’ve confirmed your identity.

Mobile Banking Questions

How do I access mobile banking?
You can download our mobile app for Androids here or for iPhones here. When you open your account, our Emery employees will tell you your account number. When you first sign into your account online, use your account number for your username and the last four digits of your social for your password. It will prompt you to change your password on your first login to further protect your account.
How do I reset my security questions?
To reset your security questions, you will have to call Emery at 513.530.9351 option 2. Our representative will reset them after verifying you.
How do I update my information?
You can update your address, email or phone number right within online banking or mobile app. Simply click on ‘My Profile’ then click ‘Update Profile.’ From there, you will have options to update your contact information. You can remove, add or edit your information to make sure it’s all correct.
How do I create alerts for my account?
In our mobile app, you can go to ‘My Profile’ and click ‘Manage Alerts.’ From there, you can view/edit alerts, add an alert and see your alert history. There are countless alerts you can customize, so you can know the moment something happens on your account.

General FAQs

How can I transfer from another bank to here?
Log into our online or mobile banking, and through ‘Online Services’ you can access ‘Bill Pay’. This is a way to transfer money from another institution if you have all of the correct information. There is an ‘External Transfer’ option under ‘Transfers’ through the app. This is used solely for loan payments. If neither of these options are what you are looking for, you can write a check out to Emery Federal Credit Union from the institution you wish to transfer money over from, and deposit it into your account with us.
How do I transfer funds between my accounts?
You can transfer funds between your Emery accounts by logging into your mobile app, online banking or calling us.

Within online banking and the mobile app, simply log in, click on ‘Transfers’ then ‘Account Transfer’ and choose what account you want to take the funds from and what account you want the funds to go to.

Can I transfer to someone else who has an Emery account?
Yes, you can via online banking, the mobile app or by calling Emery. Within online banking and the mobile app, you will click on ‘Transfer’ then ‘Member Transfer’ and choose the account you want to take the funds from. You will need to know the account number of the account you want to send the funds to. Then put in the suffix and the first 2 letters of the recipient’s last name to confirm it is going to the right place.
What is your routing number?
Emery’s routing number is 242076753.
How do I do a wire transfer?
To do a wire transfer you will need to either call Emery at 513.530.9351 or visit one of our branches.
I got a call about fraud on my debit/credit card and it wasn’t the Emery number. Is this a scam?
The call may be from CO-OP, the servicing provider for Emery’s debit and credit cards. In order to protect you from identity theft, their fraud department calls you directly to confirm any suspicious activity they find on your account. You can approve or deny transactions in real time during the call.
Can I use Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp with my Emery account?
You can link your Emery checking account to Venmo or the Cashapp with no problems or fees from Emery. Unfortunately, Emery does not offer Zelle at this time.
I don’t live near an Emery branch or I’m going on vacation and won’t be near a branch. Can I still access my account in a branch location?
Yes! Emery is part of the Shared Branch network, so you’ll be able to access your account at branches across the United States. You’ll simply need your driver’s license and account number. Click here to find a shared branch location near you.

Make sure the address on your account matches your driver’s license. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to provide additional address verification to perform your transaction, like a card from the BMV or a declaration of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

What do I need to bring to open an account at Emery?
To open an account at Emery you simply need an unexpired, valid driver’s license or state-issued ID and proof of address if the address on your ID is not accurate. We need this information for all individuals that will be on the account. You will also need at least $5 to put into the savings account.
Where are your branch locations and ATMs?
You can click here to see our Emery branch, Shared Branch and fee-free ATM locations.
How do I reorder checks?
The best way to reorder checks is to call us.
Can I make a loan payment or credit card payment online?
Yes, you are able to do both via online and mobile banking. Under ‘Transfers’ there is an ‘Account Transfer’ option. From there, you can make either a credit card payment or a loan payment from one of your current accounts with Emery.

If you would like to make a payment from an external account for your credit card, we have a MyCardInfo option under ‘Online Services’. This will take you to a new log in. If you have not logged in before, it will ask you to ‘Enroll’ (You will need your card number, expiration date, and CVV).

For loan payments, there is a ‘Loan Payment’ option under ‘Online Services’ that will give you the option to pay with a credit or debit card. We also provide the option of setting up an automatic payment each month. You can call us to help you set it up.

How do I sign up for bill pay?
Under ‘Online Services’ there is a ‘Bill Pay’ option. It will require you to answer security questions. When you get logged in, it will ask you to add a Payee, the account numbers, and the amounts.
How do I deposit a check virtually?
In our mobile app, you can deposit a check via remote deposit if you have a checking account. After your checking account has been open for 30 days, you can find ‘Deposit’ under the menu tab. You have the option to make a ‘Mobile Deposit’. When you click on this it will ask you to enroll first. You will get an email confirmation when it has been approved.

To use remote deposit, you will need to have all parties on the check sign the back. Also, you will need to write “For Mobile Deposit Only at Emery FCU.” Make sure to get a clear picture of the front and back of the check. If there is an issue with your mobile deposit, an Emery employee will email you with instructions for how to make sure the check is accepted upon next submission.

Checks under $2,000 are eligible for remote deposit.

How do I make a stop payment on a check I wrote?
You can give us a call or come into one of our branches. You will have to sign a form in order to place the stop payment. You will also need to have the information ready in order for us to place it correctly.
How do I add a joint person to my account?
There are several forms that need to be signed by both you AND the person you are adding joint to your account. A credit pull (soft or hard, depending on the account) will be done on the joint person upon adding, along with a ChexSystems report. A valid driver’s license with the current address is necessary. It is best to do this in person at one of our branches, but it can be done electronically if need be.
How will I know if my account drops below $0?
You are able to set up alerts via the online or mobile banking. You can be alerted every time a charge happens to your account. Emery also sends out notices that will have each charge that hit your account after dropping below $0. There is a $28.00 fee that you are charged for every individual purchase that happens when your balance drops below the $0 threshold. Be sure you are tracking your account with our apps to ensure this does not happen!
How do I renew my certificate? Does it automatically renew? How long do I have to do something about it?
When a certificate is set up, unless asked otherwise, it will automatically renew for the same term (the rate is subject to change). A notice will go out via mail a few weeks before the maturation to inform you of the renewal. You then will have 10 days to make a decision on what you would like to do regarding the certificate with no penalty.
I paid off my auto loan! How long does it take to get my car title? Do I need to call you?
Congratulations! Thank you again for choosing Emery to finance your auto loan. You don’t need to do anything to get your car title. We are able to see when your loan pays off, and we’ll start the process to release our lien on your title so the car is completely yours!

The timeline can vary depending on the type of title you have (paper or electronic). However, the average wait time is 2 weeks. You will receive a letter in the mail to confirm we’ve released our lien.

I have automatic payments made to my loan, but it’s almost paid off. Will the payments stop?
If you have an Emery account making payments to an Emery loan, the payments should stop automatically once the loan is paid off. If you are making payments via another financial institution, they may not stop automatically.

If you pay off your loan in person, we are able to have you sign a form to authorize the cancellation of the automatic payment. If we continue to receive funds for the loan payment, it will be deposited to your Emery savings or checking account. An employee will give you a courtesy call to inform you of this occurrence. This means the other financial institution has not stopped the payments, and you can give them a call.

I only wanted an Emery checking account/loan/certificate. Why do I have a savings account too?
No matter what other account you want to open at Emery, you will need to open a savings account. The $5 in your savings account makes you an Emery member. As long as that $5 is in your account, you’re able to take advantage of any Emery product for life, no matter where you live!
Why do I need to give your employees my updated ID?
We are required by law to have an updated and valid driver’s license on file to ensure we are performing our due diligence (Know Your Customer). We will always make sure of who is standing in front of us before doing any transaction or making any change to the account. We will ask for all verification we deem necessary for your protection.
What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?
The main difference between credit unions and banks is ownership. Banks are owned by shareholders. The shareholders elect a paid board of directors that works to maximize shareholder return. In contrast, a credit union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by its members. A credit union’s board is made up of unpaid volunteers from the membership, elected by members.

This system ensures lower loan rates and higher savings rates than typically available at banks, since a bank’s main priority is to maximize profits delivered to shareholders. However, any profits received by the credit union flow back to the membership in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and enhanced member services. Because our priority is, and always will be, you.


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