Why did my Check Deposit Fail?

July 19, 2022

Customers no longer need to go to the bank physically to deposit checks. Mobile check deposit features allow account holders to deposit checks using mobile device cameras without physically going to the bank, saving time and money in the long run.

Unfortunately, sometimes users can encounter issues when making a mobile check deposit. It is imperative to know why check deposits can get rejected to enable you to make informed decisions when depositing a mobile check in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you are running into an issue with your mobile deposit feature, Emery Federal Credit Union can help. We are financial experts creating exceptional online services and experiences by providing effective online banking solutions.

Why Was My Mobile Deposit Rejected? Here are Five Reasons

If you’ve been asking, “Why was my mobile deposit rejected?” here are some of the most common reasons deposits are rejected:


1. Check Not Endorsed Properly

Your mobile deposit may get rejected if you fail to endorse a check for the mobile deposit. This means that you did not sign the back of the check-in designated area. Avoid making this mistake by signing the back of the check. Often, there will be a place to write or indicate that this will be a Mobile Deposit as well. For your Emery account, all mobile deposited checks must have “For mobile deposit only at Emery FCU” written on the back in addition to your signature.


2. Banking App Not Working 

It is not always your mistakes that cause mobile deposit rejections. It can be challenging to deposit the check if the app is down. If you feel like you’ve done everything correctly but still get a rejection, contact your bank and ask why your mobile deposit was rejected.


3. Deposit Limit on the Bank Account 

If your bank account has a limit lower than the check you want to deposit, it could be another reason for the rejection. So, before you ask, “Why was my mobile deposit rejected?” check the limitations on your account. You can solve this by calling your bank to increase the limit.


4. Duplicate Deposit

Avoid making duplicate deposits if you do not want your check rejected. If you make a duplicate deposit, you will get an error message. Contact your financial institution for a resolution if you made duplicate deposits.


5. Check Is Folded or Torn

Ensure you keep the check neat and intact. Avoid folding it or mixing it up with other items or documents. A torn and folded check can keep the mobile app from reading the information, causing the check to be rejected.

Tips for Mobile Deposits

It is imperative to learn the tips for mobile deposits to avoid making mistakes that can cause your check to get rejected. Here is what to do.

  • Learn how to endorse a check for a mobile deposit
  • Fill your check with the correct details
  • Fill out every part of the check correctly
  • Take a clear photo of the check
  • Review the image before depositing
  • Avoid duplicate check deposits

Here Is How Mobile Apps Are Making Money Management Easy

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download a banking app and leverage its benefits. Here are ways mobile apps simplify money management.

Effective Budgeting

Having a mobile app gives you real-time data management. It helps you know how you are spending money. You can create a monthly budget to track your expenses and determine your saving trends, as well as learn money spending habits and plan for the future.

Improved Organization 

If you have multiple accounts and credit cards, it can be challenging to manage your finances. The beauty about mobile apps is that you can manage checking accounts, online transactions, credit card transactions, and savings accounts, often from within the same app.

Data Tracking and Analysis

With the improved technology today, customers within the banking industry can get advice on better ways to spend money. A mobile app can track and analyze your expenses and give feedback, enabling you to know where your money is going.

Online Banking Made Easier with Emery Federal Credit Union

Our banking app can help you manage your money and online transactions effectively. It is available on the Apple store and Google store. Want to learn more about online banking? Contact us for a free consultation.


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