Giving back is how we show HEART

Our annual golf outing benefits Cincinnati Children's, and we partner with many other nonprofits and schools in the area to make our community stronger.

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Emery is proud to give back to the Ohio community through volunteerism, helpful services, and financial support. We are the credit union with a heart full of compassion, and it shows.

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We had a great time at the Green Township Winterfest last Friday! It was great to see those of you who were able to stop by! ...

Buy your loved ones something they can use this year with these clutter free gift ideas!

What better way to celebrate National Cookie Day than with the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe? With these simple ingredients:
~All-purpose flour
~Baking soda
~Granulated sugar
~Packed brown sugar
~Semisweet chocolate chips


The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo has kicked off! Buy your tickets and take your littles to see some pretty lights this holiday season. Click here the Member Discounts link in our bio to get money off your tickets, too! ...

Now is the time to create a holiday budget! Save money by planning before shopping with these tips:
~Make a shopping list and check it twice
~Pay with cash
~Shop for bargains
~Make sure other bills are paid for first


Happy December 1st! ...

*How will I know if my account drops below $0?*

You are able to set up alerts via the home / mobile banking app!

You can be alerted every time a charge happens to your account.

Emery also sends out notices that will have each charge that hit your account after dropping below $0. There is a $28.00 fee that you are charged with for every individual purchase that happens when your balance drops below the $0 threshold.

Be sure you are tracking your account with our apps to ensure this does not happen!

Attention Western Hills Members!

Our Western Hills branch will be closed today due to staffing issues. You can visit our website to find a shared branch location or ATM for your account needs today

Emery Family – We are teaming up with a charity called Operation Give Back (@ogiveback) for the holidays and wanted to include you.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, stop into one of our branches for more information! We are accepting donations until this Saturday, December 4th! Help us make a child’s holiday magical

Happy first day of Hanukkah! ...

25 Days of Christmas on Freeform starts this Wednesday! (Can you believe it?)

Schedule your days and evenings around your favorite movies by checking out the Christmas schedule:

*Can I transfer to someone else who has an Emery account?*

Yes, you can via online banking, the mobile app or by calling Emery.

Within online banking and the mobile app, you will click on transfer – member transfer – choose the account you want to take the funds from and then you will need to know the account number of the account you want to send the funds to. Then put in the suffix and the first 2 letters of the recipients last name to confirm it is going to the right place.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Emery is closed today for Thanksgiving, but we'll see you tomorrow! ...

Black Friday Shopping might look different this year, as some of these big retail stores are staying closed on Thanksgiving:
~Bed, Bath and Beyond
~Best Buy
~Dick’s Sporting Goods
~Sam’s Club


Shop safely this weekend with these tips:
~Keep your purse close to your body or your wallet in an inside coat pocket
~Don't argue or fight over an item.
~Don't take your money out until asked to do so.
~Use only one credit card.
~Save your receipts and monitor your credit card activity.
~Ask for help moving and loading large items if needed.
~If shopping with children, select a central location to meet in case you are separated. Teach kids how to ask a security guard or employee for help if they're lost.


Emery partners with Honor Flight Tri-State to support veterans in our community.

Judy, who works in our accounting department, and her dad recently got to experience the real thing!

For more information on what we do in our community, visit the Paying it Forward page on our website.


Four Days until Thanksgiving. @instacart is a great option to skip the long grocery lines and still get the best ingredients from your favorite stores! ...

You still have time to order some Thanksgiving sweaters and have them delivered! Check out Amazon for quick delivery. ...

Save more money this season by cutting out unnecessary spending!
~If you are looking for a new sweater, head to the thrift store
~Plan out your weekly meals and buy generic products from the grocery
~Pay yourself by putting X amount of money into your savings before making other purchases
~Make your own fall and holiday décor

Spend more time making memories and less time stressing this holiday season by skipping one of your loan payments. Click the Skip a Payment link in our bio to fill out your form online! ...

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