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Where should I live?

Is renting or buying right for you? Do you know the cost of living for the city you’re in or moving to? Click here to access great education, calculators and coaches to help with all your housing needs.

If you find you’re ready to buy a house, talk to us about your mortgage options! Give us a call at 513.530.9351 option 3 or send us an email! Our experienced mortgage team will be able to talk you through what loan options might be best for you.

Or you can always click here to learn more about our mortgages!

I don’t know

where to start.

It’s very difficult to start your financial journey. Here are some things we think you’ll need.

Auto Loan

If you have a job, you probably will need some form of transportation to get there. Carpooling and public transportation could work for you, or you may need your own car.

Our partnership with AutoSmart allow you to get a great deal on a vehicle. We also offer loans in a variety of terms (or how long it will take you to pay it back) so you can find a car and monthly payment that works best for you. Click here to learn more about our loan and car buying options.

Checking Account

After graduation, you’ll likely find a job. You’ll want a place to securely put this money. That’s why opening a checking account is a great first step.

If you get paid via direct deposit (when your employer puts it straight into your bank account) we can give you all the information you’ll need when you open your account. If you get paid with a physical check, depending on the dollar amount you might be able to deposit it within our mobile app!

Click here to see what checking account works best for you.

Credit Card

As you start having bigger expenses, you may need to open a credit card. To learn what you’ll want to look for in a credit card, click here.

Start saving now for your future. You’ll be glad you did.

Now is the most important time to start saving for your retirement. Why? Because you could gain years of valuable interest when you start earlier. Who doesn’t love free money?

By starting to save now, you’ll let your money gain even more over time. That means you could end up retiring with more money if you start saving now than 10 years from now, even if you put the same exact amount of money in.

Click here to learn about your 401k options and why it’s beneficial to start saving sooner.

For the more immediate future, think about building an emergency fund. An emergency fund is extremely useful to protect you when large, unexpected purchases come up in the future. Click here to learn how.

Make a plan for your

student loans

If you went to college, you might be sitting on a pile of student loans right now. It’s easy to let those sit in the background, but that can cause a lot of mental and emotional stress.

We suggest you learn about your repayment options and make a plan. After all, knowledge is power.


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