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Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a secure container usually made of metal that is used to store valuables at the credit union. These boxes are often kept in vaults and can be rented throughout the lifetime of a member for an annual fee.

Boxes can be rented in the sizes below at our Blue Ash, Liberty Township and Western Hills locations:

  • 5×5
  • 3×10
  • 5×10
  • 10×10

What would you use a safe deposit box for? Renting a safe deposit box can help you keep important personal documents, collectibles and family heirlooms safe.

Is a safe deposit box the right option for you? If you need to access your items quickly, or if lack of access will cause problems, do not store those items in a safe deposit box.


A notary is a person authorized to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents.

Emery offers notary services to our members at all our branches for free.
We also offer these services to non-members for a fee.

It is best to call the credit union and set up an appointment to make sure a notary is available when you come to the office.

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Medallion Stamp

A medallion signature guarantee is referred to by many different names, but its purpose is the same – you need it to transfer securities. A medallion signature guarantee is a form of authentication provided by financial institutions to prevent fraud.

The placement of a medallion signature guarantee allows the transfer or sale of securities, change of ownership name on an account or to replace lost or damaged certificates.

Emery offers the Medallion Stamp to our members only. We are certifying that you are who you claim to be and have the rights to transfer the assets.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Allworth Financial guides you with your financial planning and investment portfolios*. As an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, they work with you to understand your financial planning goals by investing and exploring insurance needs for your financial future.

Allworth Financial has an experienced team, including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professionals. To learn more about their services and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Allworth Financial at 513.469.7500 ext. 495 or allworthfinancial.com.

*Products and services provided are not insured by NCUA.


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