Student Checking Promotion

August 1, 2022

Students, start your financial freedom at Emery

As you get your first job or journey off to college, your financial needs change. You need your money to work for you instead of just sitting in your Venmo or CashApp account. It may be time to open a checking account.

At Emery, your Student Rewards Checking account is the perfect way to make your money work for you, instead of the other way around. If you have a job, you can set up direct deposit right to your account. That way, you can use your money wherever you want, whether it’s at the big game or paying your friend back for lunch.

Aside from accessibility, having a checking account is extremely important to protect your money. When you keep your money in your account (instead of on a prepaid card or in your Venmo balance), your money is insured against fraudulent activity!

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