How to Prevent Identity Theft
The best way to prevent identity theft is to stay ...
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Tax Brackets and Statuses
How much you owe in federal income taxes is determined ...
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Paying Taxes
Many major life changes, such as buying a new home, ...
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Checking Out Charities
Many people associate giving with charity, and donating money to ...
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Tax Planning
You can legitimately reduce the tax you owe by planning ...
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Completing a Return
Filing a tax return is a matter of following the ...
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Selling Your Home
Whether you need some more space, are ready to downsize ...
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Making a Down Payment
A lot goes into buying a home, but one of ...
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Meet Your 401(k)
Even if you’re just starting your first real job—actually, especially ...
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Divorce and Retirement Savings
Fairly dividing retirement savings between both partners in a divorce ...
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Critical Retirement Choices
The idea of retiring isn't new. People who grew too ...
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Individual Retirement Accounts
Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can look intimidating and cryptic when ...
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