New Look. Better Benefits. Same Great Service.

Starting August 2020, our credit cards will have a new look and added features! We’re always looking for ways to expand the products and services we offer you. And you’ll continue to enjoy the same competitive interest rates, with no annual fee.

With a new credit card comes a new way to access it. Starting August 2020, you’ll use to look at your balance, history and make changes. Also, you’ll have the option to use the Emery Card Control app to set alerts, block transactions and turn your card on and off.

Your card number will be changing, but your account balance and basic information will transfer automatically to the new card. Please be sure to provide your new card information to any companies or organizations where you have automatic billing, such as internet providers, health clubs, etc.

Have questions? Give us a call at 513.530.9351 or email us at!