A Checklist for Changing Your Name After Marriage

September 7, 2023

Updated Sept. 7 2023

After you’ve set your wedding date, you are of course excited to start a new life with your spouse. Many couples also choose to share the same last name. 

Name change for the newlyweds requires time and involves various bureaucratic processes. It is best to understand how to change your name to avoid mistakes. 

Here is a comprehensive checklist for changing your last name for newlyweds. 

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Name Change Checklist 

  1. Obtain a physical copy of your marriage certificate. 
  2. Order a new social security card. 
  3. Change your driver’s license.
  4. Update bank accounts and credit cards.
  5. Update passport and travel documents 
  6. Update voter registration details. 

How to Change Your Name after Marriage 

1. Obtain a Physical Copy of Your Marriage Certificate 

A marriage certificate provides official proof that you are married. This is the most vital document you’ll need to change your last name successfully. 

Visit your county clerk’s office before your wedding day to obtain a marriage certificate. Depending on your county, you may have to pay a fee ranging between $15 and $35. Always ask for clarification from your county clerk’s office about the requirements for obtaining a marriage certificate. 

Once you’re married, you will have to sign the certificate with your spouse and the wedding officiant. Remember to make copies of your wedding certificate after signing it. 

2. Order a New Social Security Card

Next, you will update your Social Security details. Promptly contact the Social Security Administration to inform them about changing your name. To change your name on your Social Security Card, you’ll need to provide the SSA with (1) proof of identification (such as a current valid driver’s license), (2) proof of citizenship (birth certificate or U.S. Passport), and (3) your marriage certificate as proof of your legal name change.

3. Change Your Driver’s License 

To obtain a new driver’s license, you will need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and apply for license renewal.  You may need to carry the following documents based on your state:

  •   Your new Social Security card
  •   Your current driver’s license 
  •   A copy of your marriage certificate 
  •   Proof of address
  •   State or military ID. 

Check your state’s requirements. Every state has different payment requirements and application processes. You can obtain information from the DMV website within your state. 

4. Update Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Contact your bank and let them know about your intention to update your details. Depending on your institution, you may need to present your marriage certificate, new social security card, or new driver’s license. 

Changing your bank details is essential to building your financial future with your spouse. A financial expert will help you update your bank details. 

To update your Emery Bank Account, reach out to our team with your marriage certificate & updated driver’s license. We will provide you with an account change form to sign & complete the process. 

If you need to merge accounts, or if you want to add your spouse to an account, there are additional forms to sign – be prepared to provide both your and your spouse’s updated identification. 

Finally, you’ll repeat this process with all credit card providers to reissue your credit cards with your new name.

5. Update Passport and Travel Documents

If you plan to fly outside the U.S. for your honeymoon, you should change your passport details. 

To update the information on your passport, contact the U.S. Department of State. You will fill out form DS-5504 and present your current passport, marriage license, and passport photo. 

6. Update Voter Registration Information

Finally, you must update your voter registration details. Visit the National Voter Registration Application website and download the forms. You can also get the forms at vote.gov

Call Emery Federal Credit Union

If you need any further help or assistance, contact us today. We can walk you through the necessary steps to changing your last name and help you plan for your new future. 

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