Sean H.

July 9, 2021

About 8 years ago I was introduced to Emery FCU by my father in law. I had just started a new sales job and desperately needed a new car. I had spent about 2 years rebuilding my credit and financial history after some poor financial decisions in college. And every bank I talked to about a car loan simply looked at me as my credit score, could care less about me, my new job, and my need for the car. Then I was introduced to Sharon at Emery. Sharon sat down with me, took the time to listen to why I needed a car loan, looked into my current and future earning potential at my new job, and then took a chance on me that I was the right fit for a new credit union member. There was not a bank that looked past my credit score, Sharon looked at me. I know credit unions were different and have been a member every since, and my family is as well. I was so blown away by that experience that today I felt I needed to give back to the credit union, and I volunteer as a Supervisory Committee Board Member.

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